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Swiss Pocket Watch Parts (Longines, Omega, Rolex, Etc.)

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Angeurdelar  - They're in Sweden and the site is in Swedish, but you should be able to right click (with Internet Explorer) and translate. Large stock of Swiss Pocket Watch Parts.

Mechanical Watch Supply LLC Look elsewhere 1st, because he admits he charges more, but he has rare and hard to find wrist and pocket watch parts.

Scotch Watch Parts Located in Texas. Rolex, Omega, Longines, etc. Many parts for Swiss pocket watches.

Here are a few more suppliers who may be able to help with Swiss parts


The Netherlands: Global Watch Straps, also know as Vacheron NL on eBay:

Germany: Ernst Westphal

John Senior

Great Britain: Northern Watch and Clock Supplies

Great Britain: Gleave & Company London Tel 0207 2531345

Africa  Vintage Watch Market - Located in South Africa. Tools, parts, straps, etc.

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