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Suggested reading. Below are some links. Be sure to check around for the best price! Dave's Watch Repair  often has copies.

For Hamilton Electric Collectors.  Rene Rondeau's book is still the best resource on the market. The Watch of the Future.

For Accutron Collectors. The Complete Guide To Bulova Accutron Watches "This Guide is the first comprehensive book on over 1,100 styles of Bulova Accutron watches. Each watch style in this book is pictured and may include the original sell price and Bulova description".  Darold Hanson.  The book can be purchased by contacting the author at

Complete Price Guide to Watches by Shugart and Cooksey. Invaluable resource for values and basic information. Includes information about case makers, materials, and escapement types.

Henry Fried- Respected author of many how-to books on watch repair. Bench Practices for Watch and Clockmakers , The Watch Escapement , Bench Practices for Watch and Clockmakers , The electric watch repair manual, , Watch Crown Manual , Repairing Quartz Watches: Including a Basic Course in Electricity & Electronic Horology

Bestfit 111A Encyclopedia of Watch Materials- Invaluable resource for identifying wristwatch movements, finding part numbers, determining which hands will fit a particular movement, detailed description of crown types, and much more. Lists dimenions of  all the bestfit stems and staffs. There are 2 volumes. Bestfit 111 Encyclopedia of Watch Material. Part 1 , BESTFIT 111A Encyclopedia of WATCH Material...Part 2 (Part 2)

Donald DeCarle- Another respected author of books on watch repair. Practical Watch Repairing , Complicated Watches and Their Repair , Watch and Clock Encyclopedia

Watch Adjustment by H. Jendritzki. Technical book with excellent detailed explanations. Watch Adjustment

Roy Erhardt- Elgin Watch Company Grade & Serial Numbers , Foreign & American Pocket Watch Identification & Price Guide

Geroge Daniels Watchmaking , The Practical Watch Escapement , All in Good Time: Reflections of a Watchmaker

NAWCC Chapter 149 has some excellent free resources (free books in pdf format) on their pages. Click here to see their titles.

Swigart Illustrated Manaul of American Watch Movements . Great resource for finding that part number for your Elgin, Waltham, Hamilton,  South Bend, or Illinois American Pocket Watch. Very useful for ordering staffs, mainsprings, etc.  Available from Cas-ker as a new reprint.  Just type "Swigart" in the search field.

 Marking Time by Michael Korda - written by a collector and publishing executive.  Great book for beginners.

 It's About Time by Paul Chamberlain. Covers escapements, experiments and unusual timepieces, famous watchmakers



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