Watch Repair Information

Watch Repair Information



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Elgin parts list and cross reference. This will allow you to type in the grade of your Elgin pocket watch, and show you all the part numbers for the various parts. You can also type in a part number and get a list of all grades using that part number. (Thank you Clint Kleen!)

Case Related Resources

Case Repair-  Wuischpard and Son 4900 Pinewood Place, Cocoa, FL 888-750-6853

Case Repair- Vintage Time Pieces-  Case Making Services. Pocket watch case services like repairs, modifications, and engraving. Some services require being sent in for an estimate. Please email Don Mathis at: or call at: 330-575-8493 to make these arrangements.
These services include: block repair or replace, plating (silver or gold), anything not listed

Replacement bezels - Dashto has a limited supply. 

Replacement bezels- Don Barrett at citybankantiques.

Replacement bezels- Jerry Grajzl in Ohio can make a new replacement  bezel for your watch . Email (put bezel repair in subject line) -  please call if no response to email.  (440)285-9442  there is a 2 month turnaround time.

Case Hallmarks: Ė age, where produced, maker, etc.

Hand Restoration and replacement hands:  rebluing, restoration and supply of original replacement hands:  Also see more sources on the American PW Parts Page

Lift Angles lift angles for many watches arranged by make and caliber:

Patent info:
These sites are searchable by name of inventor or assignee (i.e. Waltham, Elgin, New Haven, etc.)

You must know the patent number (use above sites to obtain patent number) to use this site:

Download this program to view pictures for above site (this is a free download):

Wristwatch Case Suppliers

Otto Frei (search by movement caliber)


Click here if you still can't find the part you need

Donít forget the NAWCC Library!! Contact Nancy Dyer at

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